How slow is Visual Studio Code?

Why does vscode feel so slow? Well, just look at the startup time:

❯ time code-oss && pkill -9 -f code-oss
Warning: 'app' is not in the list of known options, but still passed to Electron/Chromium.
'code-oss' time: 0.089s, cpu: 99%

❮ time nvim -c ":q"
'nvim -c ":q"' time: 0.025s, cpu: 31%

I used vscode for a while... Good programming language support is far more important than UI speed when using an editor.

VSCode did something amazing that had never been done before though: it developed an excellent standard for LSP, the Language Server Protocol, making it possible to connect these LSPs to other editors.

Thanks to vscode, it's now possible to get excellent programming language support into neovim!