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Google Maps in China: FIXED! (iPhone/iPad)

Google Maps works great in Beijing, but it has never worked accurately in Shanghai or many other parts of China. Countless requests to Google and Apple to fix the problem go unanswered, so we’re forced to take matters into our own hands.

You’ll need to Jailbreak your iOS device (which is completely legal), thereby installing Cydia.

Once you’ve got Cydia installed, open Cydia and choose “Manage” from the bottom menu, then choose “Sources”. Click the “Edit” button on the top right and then click the “Add” button on the top left. In the dialog box that comes up, enter the following address:


Click the “Add Source” button to continue, Cydia will verify the URL, then download a list of packages. Once that’s complete just press “Return to Cydia”, and on the top right of the Cydia window click “Done”.

Now, click on “MirrorDev” in your list of Sources, and choose “Location Fixed” from the list. Click the “Install” button on the top right.


After “Location Fixed” is installed, you’ll see a new entry in your Settings screen called “中国区地图校正” (China Map Correction”) that has two settings:

启动 (Activate) [On/Off]

联通版本(China Unicom Version) [On/Off]

Thanks to the developers at MirrorDev for doing what Apple and Google have consistently failed to do. Better yet, check out MirrorDev’s post about the Google Map Fix.


Roaming on China Unicom in Taiwan

If you are a China Unicom user roaming in Taiwan, and you want to contact a friend in Taipei who’s number is 999-888-777, To send a text message you have to use: +00886-999-888-777 but to make a phone call to the same friend you have to press +886-999-888-777. So, you’re address book is basically useless.

Int’l Text Message: + 00 [country code] [number]
Int’l Dialing while Roaming Overseas + [country code] [number]


我用了中国移动,用了快四年。从前没觉得好,但相对来说平稳。 为用3G服务我换到了中国联通。这个联通服3G服务的确很快,而186号码选择不错,但其它方面都没联通那么承受。


2)“12593″。如你得打国际电话,移动的12593非常优惠。联通的“10193”也不错,但是无法跟3G服务一起用,所以就能通过“17900的美加直通车”,但是这种每次打电话浪费30秒钟在输入电话号码,原来的12593不用等 - 就存号码在练习簿里。


4)国际长途加“+00”。这个很麻烦因为反对国际标准。国际标准电话号码是:+ 国家号 区号 本地号,但联通是“+00国家号”。所以,如同步你的电话簿到联通的手机,而也同步到移动或AT&T或其它公司的手机,永远无法同步。这个真麻烦。

Additionally, China Unicom has supposedly purchased 500,000 iPhones that it expects to resell to customers in China, but I don’t think this is possible with the pricing plan that they’ve created. See iPhone @ CHU.

For a 3GS that does not have Wifi and is locked to China Unicom, if you sign up for a 2 year contract, you can spend: 386元 ($56) or 586元 ($86) per month you can get an iPhone for 1799元 ($264) or 99元 ($15). However, there is a deposit of 5200元 ($794) or 6900元 ($1014).

Meanwhile, for a real 3GS iPhone from Hong Kong – the official Wifi Enabled “Apple Unlocked” version that you can use with China Mobile, China Unicom, or any other carrier on the planet is HK$ 5388 ($695 / 4747元).

Apparently the target is the “186元” per month, on a 2 year contract which gives you an iPhone for 3500元. If they could move the 225/month phone down to 1999元, I think they could move their target quota.

Without the change, I expect the grey market from Apple Hong Kong will take the most market share.

iTunes could not connect to the iPhone “iPhone” because it is locked with a passcode

屏幕快照 2009-10-23 下午07.35.35.png

My iPhone 3GS was working just fine, then it suddenly stopped booting. Now I get a message on the screen saying: “iTunes could not connect to the iPhone “ryphone3gs” because it is locked with a passcode. You must enter your passcode on the iPhone before it can be used with iTunes”. [Cancel] [Try Again]

Of course, while displaying this message, my iPhone simply displays a “swipe for emergency call” message and provides no way to actually unlock the phone.

When going into Hardware restore mode, I simply see “Error 23” in iTunes, which according to some online information may mean my hardware is toasted.

I tried using “irecovery” to get at the source of the issue, but each time I boot up, I get:

Boot Failure Count: 0 Panic Fail Count: 0
Radio failed to respond.
Radio failed to respond.
Pinging Radio Failed, 4
Entering recovery mode, starting command prompt

Apparently I’m not the only one having this “pinging radio failed” problem.

The last ditch effort may be to prepare a custom Apple iPhone RAM disk apparently called “Bypass_Passcode.bin” (created with iLiberty+) and use irecovery to load that RAM disk onto the iPhone, and then use the disk to disable the password. Seems like a lot of work considering that my iPhone is new, that it’s never been hacked, jailbroken, sim-unlocked or anything else.

There’s also some information about downgrading the 3GS from 3.1 to 3.0, but that seems specific to the sim-unlockers and jailbreakers of the world. Sad that even playing by Apple’s rules, the iPhone still isn’t very reliable.

Following the directions of the Apple support website, I entered in my serial number and other iPhone information and submitted my case, only to get an error from the Apple support website saying: “We’re sorry, but we’re unable to complete your request at this time. Please try again in a few minutes or start over now”. Of course after a few minutes I started over and did the process again, and got the same error. Forgive me for being a skeptic about AAPL at $300/share.

屏幕快照 2009-10-23 下午09.39.04.png

iPhone Wallpaper: 30 Years of US/China Relations

30 years ago Nixon and Kissenger agreed with Beijing on the “One China Policy“, breaking off relations with Taiwan as the “Republic of China” and officially recognizing the People’s Republic of China as the legitimate government of China. The US Embassy in China put together a nice logo in honor of the event, and combining it with an iPhone wallpaper template I’ve converted it into a nice iPhone wallpaper. For reference the Chinese says:

30 Years of USA – PRC Diplomatic Relations

Click through the image below to download the “wallpaper” version or the Photoshop template.


China & Hong Kong – Efficient Grey Markets

In spite of China’s WTO entry, import tariffs into China are very high, especially compared with the developed states in Asia. For example, importing a camera into China would cost 17% VAT + approx. 10% Tariff.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong has 0% VAT and 0% Tariff for most products (except fuel, alcohol and tobacco). The problem is that the border between Hong Kong and Mainland China is a very porous one.


So while the iPhone hasn’t yet officially hit the market here in China, you can buy unlocked Hong Kong iPhones on the Shanghai Grey market for 5500 RMB (16GB) and 6300 RMB (32GB). Note that HKD is currently 1:1.13 (CYN:RMB), so you’re going to pay approximately 13% more than in China.

However, there is 17% VAT that should be added to all China Products. The Tariff shouldn’t be applicable since the phones are purchased in Hong Kong, and obviously the items are smuggled in – because there is no other way around the VAT.

Bottom line, for a 13% service charge the grey market will handle currency conversion from currency controlled Chinese Yuan into freely tradable Hong Kong dollars (itself not an easy task), smuggle the items into China, and handle the shipping charges.

China Mobile Gateway Settings 中国移动路由设置

短信服务中心 SMS Message Center: +8613800210500

GPRS APN:cmnet
GPRS 用户 (User): <<leave blank>> <<留空>>
GPRS 密码 (Password): <<leave blank>> <<留空>>

彩信服务(MMS Service)
Menu / MMS Options / Servers / 中国移动 / Connect Via “MMS”  

GPRS WAP Access:
连接安全(connection security):Off 关
传输方式(transmission type):GPRS
GPRS连接(GPRS connection): Always On (总是在线)
IP地址(IP Address):
GPRS 用户 (User): <<leave blank>> <<留空>>
GPRS 密码 (Password): <<leave blank>> <<留空>>

Note that these settings can be used for any type of phone with your China Mobile account. If you’re having difficulties sending SMS’s, or unable to get a network connection to the Internet, take a look at the corresponding settings on your phone. Do note that these settings are often difficult to locate. Also note that you may have to dial 10086 and have GPRS service activated for your account.

摩托罗拉(MOTO)设置说明(Configuration Instructions): UCWEB