Treo: Finally making it work…

There are a few extremely painful problems that I believe every Treo 650 user faces.

  • Wireless is “turned off” after Palm OS silently crashes… causing you to miss calls and short messages. (Radio Control)
  • LEDs that always light up at the wrong time. (LEDOff)
  • Versamail, Real Player and other programs you probably never use have the most prominent places on the “Favorites Menu”. (Filez)
  • Programs you never use like “Quick Tour” and “Welcome” are ever present in the Applications menu. (Obfuscate)

Today, let’s fix all of them without spending 0.01¥. You’ll need to download:

  • Filez: Best File Manager for Palm OS, and it’s free.
  • LEDOff: Manage your Treo’s blinking LEDs
  • Obfuscate: Hide those unused applications
  • Radio Control: Turn on the Radio after your system crashes…

Of course there are many other programs that Palm users should not be without. I’ve tried all of the 3rd party launchers and I wouldn’t choose any of them over the default launcher, though the default launcher probably works best after deleting all of the categories.

If you’re planning to waste your time blogging about your Treo, you’ll probably need the ubiquitous “quickTake” screenshot manager for $10 USD.

If you’re thinking of replacing your trusty Blackberry with your Treo, you might be able to pull it off with Chattermail+. Even supports IMAP + SSL. Of course POP works too… $40 USD. Only downside of Push Email on your Treo is the battery life will probably not be long enough. I’ve upgraded to the Seidio 2400mAh Extended Battery and carrying one device instead of two is great!

Sometime I’ll write about all of the Chinese applications that you should have on your Palm (PlectoDict, PenPower, CJKOS). These three really deserve some explanation. Each is great. Excellent together!

To round out the miscellaneous list, I would recommend the excellent free “SFCave” game… It never ends… SoundRec in case you ever need to record sound, DiddleBug for drawing, Converter for unit conversions and of course TCPMP if you want to turn your Treo into a Video iPod…

Now to figure out how to change the names of applications and their icons…

Change Hardcoded Treo Favorites Buttons…

Does your Treo have hardcoded buttons for Web Browser, Voice Mail, Real Player, Versamail and a few other Treo applications that you never use? It’s a bit cumbersome, but you can get it done. Go to FileZ, the best Palm OS File-manager and it happens to be freeware. Once you have FileZ open, go to “Internal”, then select “PhoneFavorites2“, then choose “Edit”. Inside Edit, you can simply select each record and delete it to clear out your favorites. If you just want to remove the hard coded favorites, just choose “View” to confirm you’re editing the correct one, then choose delete. Enjoy your improved Treo.

Next to change our Treo wallpaper, find out why “Radio Control” is no longer turning our phone on after soft reset, why isn’t quickTake working, and figure out how to launch Pen Power automatically after reset. Probably time to do a clean install of out Treo.

I’ll also write about disabling all SMS notifications on your Treo 🙂

Really stupid question: change “favorite” buttons?

Blog via Chatter

Lessons in Chinese retail… You walk into the store, agree on the price, the quantity. Everything is ready to go. You start counting the cash (yes, always cash) only to hear the shopkeeper say (in chinese) “Oh, but one little problem. I know we agreed on two units, but I only have one right now. How about you take the new one here, plus the display model [for the price you agreed on for two new ones]. Deal?”…

Get it writing. Twice…

Commodities | Oil that glisters |

Commodities | Oil that glisters |

Other analysts see parallels with the dotcom bubble of the late 1990s. After all, plenty of people are opining that things are different this time. Pension funds and individual investors are keen to get in on the action. CalPERS, America’s biggest pension fund, is due to decide soon whether to put money into commodities. If such a conservative operator is eyeing commodities, cynics say, then a correction must be close at hand.

Jim Rogers opened a commodity index in ’98, just before he went on a 3 year trip around the world. He talked about the commodity boom that had already started then, and it’s still going. This article in the Economist questions if the boom is coming to a close. How much of the rise in commodity prices is due to shortage and how much is due to the inflation that gets massaged away in the BLS’s “hedonic adjustments” to the CPI? Bernanke must get to see the real numbers, so up the interest rates go. – Baidu Net Soars on Increased Traffic – Baidu Net Soars on Increased Traffic:

The Chinese-language Internet-search provider posted net income of 58.5 million yuan ($7.3 million), or 1.69 yuan a share, up from 12.1 million yuan, or 0.39 yuan a share. Revenue more than doubled to 191.6 million yuan from 69.7 million yuan. The number of active online-marketing customers increased to more than 90,000, an increase of 22% from the first quarter.

Bit of a sad story for Google here. Over the past quarter it seems I was quite regularly able to access Baidu, but frequently had trouble accessing Google’s servers. Life in the wild east…

Ads for Adult Circumcision…

It appears there is a market for *everything* in China as even adult male circumcision is widely promoted… It seems that until recently, most infants were not given this operation.

A Must-Read for Men Too long a foreskin wrapped as bark The myriad of forms and shapes Too much toil sets Heaven askew Worms and germs upset and vex.

Offensive odors swollen red Lengthy foreskin is to blame And if yours is so afflicted Dongda Clinic has your fix.

Korean-style circumcision Absent pain and absent wound Awkward maladies will vanish Lovers laugh and beam with bliss

Where is this Dongda Hospital? South of Landao Mansions side 8563-9299 give a call Ensure your lovers happiness

See the discussion of the ad and check out the original Chinese at Danwei

China Dialogue: consumption in China

China Dialogue: consumption in China: This discussion at Danwei discusses the growth of consumption in India/China, and the the effect on the environment.

If by 2030 China and India alone were to achieve a per-capita [resource consumption] footprint equivalent to that of Japan today, together they would require a full planet Earth to meet their needs.

If there is a shortage of commodities the prices will rise. The market will take care of the problem. The real story, is how are the citizen’s of what is today the “rich world” going to compete as the number of people reasonably prepared to join the rich world increases from 1B to 3B over the next 40 years? Earth is already proven to support at least 1B people using today’s technology. 40 years worth of technology development will probably open new resource frontiers including the poles and the oceans.

Don’t worry. The market will probably be able to handle it. In any case, mankind will survive.

ecto bookmarklet

ecto bookmarklet: I’ve just added the “ectoize” bookmarklet to my Camino. Seems to work pretty well. I’ve also got bookmarklets to:

That’s pretty much it. If you want more Bookmark fun, check out Andy Budd’s Bookmarklets. How’s that for a lot of URLs in a little post… 🙂


It looks like all of the mobile software that I’ve tried on my Palm is falling a bit short of expectations. The software I’ve found is relatively beta to begin with – lot’s of reboots. The larger problem is Chinese characters. Whether creating a new message using chinese, or writing 汉子 inside an existing message, clients other than Ecto seem to come up short.

On another note, I’ve tried out Ecto and MarsEdit and even though I was biased toward MarsEdit, Ecto wins out. Better support for “Rich Text” right in the client without having to resort to HTML. Works great!

Time Travel: Battling rhetorical nonsense…

My father forwarded me an email a while back from a crazy friend of his. Being the arrogant son I’ve always been, I sent back a marked up version that I thought represented a more level headed view.

----- Original Message -----
From: Scott Erwin
To: Erwin
Sent: 2006年4月18日 21:14
Subject: FW: (no subject)

A democracy is always EVERYTHING is temporary in nature; it simply cannot NO STRUCTURE can exist as a permanent form of government. THE DECLINE OF A DEMOCRACY WILL OFTEN BE SIGNALED BY THE POINT IN TIME WHERE THE A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, POTENTIALLY LEADING TO A PERIOD OF HIGHER INTEREST RATES AND A LOWER RATE OF ECONOMIC GROWTH. with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship.”

Ever heard the phrase “the only constant is change”? It’s the only constant that I’ve ever found. Our live’s begin. Our live’s end. Life for mankind will go on. During the Roman empire, the Christians were slaves. Some 2000 years later, most of the world uses a calendar based on the birth of Christ. Examples of change are easy, examples of forever are not 🙂

“In aggregate, the map of the territory Bush won was mostly the land owned by the tax-paying citizens of this great country. Gore’s territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in government-owned tenements and living off government welfare…”

Additionally, I believe one of the more fundamental aspects of a Democracy is that each citizen has the right to vote. If only the people that you agree with get to vote, how is that a democracy and not tyranny?

Does the fact that you have more material wealth make you better than others? Or does it mean that God gifted you with birth in the right place, the right time, or with the right abilities? If God’s gift’s to you are more than the rest of us, did he give you those gifts to keep for yourself or did he give you those gifts to share with the rest of us?

Does the fact that the USA was the most powerful country in the world when you were born mean that it will (or should?) be the most powerful country in the world when you pass away? If power never changed hands, how would you explain the romans? The spanish? The french? The english?

We just do the best we can… Oh, and the devil, he’s usually hiding in the details 🙂

Erwin in the WSJ…

From Wall Street Journal, September 12, 2005; Page R6

Sunglasses maker Oakley Inc. also just started using Coremetrics’ first-party product because of higher rates of cookie blocking. They were “unable to track somewhere between 10% and 15% of our user population,” says Erwin, general manager of Oakley Direct, Oakley’s online arm. “It’s been steadily creeping up over the last year, and I’m sure it’s a trend that [would] continue.”

Since implementing the first-party product in late August, Oakley has found that it can analyze the Web surfing of all but about 0.5% of its users. – When the Cookies Crumble2.pdf