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Dialing Int’l Calls from Shanghai ~ 0.4元/分钟


Call direct from your mobile phone. No calling card. Only 2x the price of Skype In, but better quality and you can call out!



Give China Mobile a call and Sign-up for IP Int’l Long Distance. Just send an SMS containing only “3211” to 10086. Each time you want to dial an Int’l number, just add: 1259-00, then the country code and the number.


If you forget your password, just send MMCX to 10086


If you need you current account balance, send YECX to 10086

Get Out of Commodities – Barron’s

Quote Seeking Alpha / Barron’s

Commodity bull Jim Rogers notes that there are about 70,000 mutual funds in the world, and only about 50 that invest in commodities. He thinks the speculative bubble has a few years to go. But looking at the ‘smart money’ — farmers and others who actually trade in and use the physical commodities — tells a different story. Net commercial shorts are 30% higher than a previous record.

Factors that could burst the bubble:

  • Even the slightest hint of a China slowdown (much of the bullish outlook is due to the perception of an ‘insatiable’ China).
  • A U.S. recession.
  • A stronger dollar (commodities are dollar-denominated).
  • A stronger stock market, leading people to put money back into stocks. (Or, conversely, a weaker market that sees traders liquidating commodity longs to meet margin calls. Barron’s doesn’t mention this, but it got some mileage when gold and oil dived suddenly a couple weeks ago.)
  • The CFTC changing its exemption of position limits on index funds.

Personally, my money’s on Jim Rogers, but we’ll see 😉

Countdown to Meltdown…

Had coffee last week with a reporter from The Atlantic, James Fallows. Just saw an excellent story he put together called “Countdown to a Meltdown”:

America’s coming economic crisis. A look back from the election of 2016
Countdown to a Meltdown
January 20, 2016, Master Strategy Memo
Subject: The Coming Year—and Beyond

It’s an excellent read. Check it out.
There’s also a great article called “Win the peace” with a speech from Thomas PM Barnett at the TedTalks. Watch it.