Finally an Apple Alternative

Like everything else about Apple, Apple Mail is well past it’s high point. It may work OK if you’ve got a small Inbox, but if you’ve got many GB of messages, the app responds very slow, crashes often, and most importantly, looses messages. Yes – that’s right – LOOSES YOUR EMAIL.

Sparrow was a nice alternative for a few months. It sprouted up to number one on the App store, indicating that I’m not alone in looking for something better than Unfortunately, is like the dollar of Mac land. The tallest midget. It’s horrible, but everything else is even more flawed.

I give Thunderbird a try every year or so, but it’s always weird, consistent with Mozilla but not with Mac OS X, and it’s even slower than

MailMate looks like a good possible solution. It’s keyboard oriented. It’s made for handling LARGE indexes. It has a very useful “Correspondence” Window and even a handy “Distortion Mode” for screenshots.

I’ll keep using it for a few weeks and hopefully have a solution for my Mac OS X woes…

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