China Telecom “temp_box” Popup Ads 中国电信运营商投放广告

“China Telecom” high-speed Internet service in Shanghai is actually quite good, much better than anything else I’ve used in Mainland China during six years of extensive travel here, but I noticed ads started popping up on pages that I’m certain never had ads before. Moreover, the ads all look the same.

I did a bit of searching, and some Chinese users have came to the same (irritated) conclusion as I, that China Telecom (中国电信) is actually inserting these ads into 3rd party web pages, without any regard for the original content of the page.

If you dig into the actual page code, you’ll see something along the lines of:

Fortunately, it seems that “” is on the FireFox AdBlock Plus black list, so I’ve installed the FireFox AdBlock Plus plugin to prevent these China Telecom ads from popping up.

Best of luck!

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