PPS: Peer-to-Peer Stream on Mac (via Virtualization)

UPDATE PPS releases official Mac version.

PPS recently released the first official Mac OS X version of PPStream. Mac OS X “.pkg” or “.dmg” installer packages are available. It’s probably easiest to just grab the installer here pps.dmg. Or you can directly visit the new PPS for Mac download page to view all available options.

Note that PPS is also available for iPad, iPhone, Android and Linux!!!

Way to go PPS team.

For reference, I’ve included the origional PPS vmware instructions below, but they are now obsolete.

Our last Mac OS X problem is the “U盾” for online banking “网上银行”. Even QQ works quite well on Mac OS X these days.

PPS (Peer-to-Peer Stream) a popular P2PTV service works like a Real Time version of BitTorrent, merging the Internet peers provided content into a local steam that’s read locally by Windows Media Player, Real Player, or another similar plugin.

If a user wishes to view a certain channel, the P2PTV software contacts a “tracker server” for that channel in order to obtain addresses of peers who distribute that channel; it then contacts these peers to receive the feed. The tracker records the user’s address, so that it can be given to other users who wish to view the same channel. In effect, this creates an overlay network on top of the regular internet for the distribution of real-time video content

PPS is only available for Windows. Fortunately, modern Mac computers are based on x86 architecture (same as a PC chip) and modern x86 CPUs have extensions optimizing them for Virtualization – allowing a Virtual OS inside your regular computer to run at nearly the same speed as any other applications. Both x86 Intel (Intel VT-x) and AMD (AMD-V) chips support such Virtualization, though all Mac’s use Intel chips due to Intel’s strength in low power, mobile computing such as the Intel-M.

There are currently FOUR Virtualization solutions that run on Mac OS X:

  1. Wine Open Source. Commercial “CrossOver” package $40: NO
  2. VirtualBox Open Source. Free: FULL SCREEN ONLY
  3. VMware Fusion Purchase $80, Upgrade $10, Free 30-day trail: YES – BEST
  4. Parallels Desktop for Mac Purchase $80, Upgrade $50, Free 14-day trial: YES – OK

Wine would be the most ideal way to run PPStream, as it emulates Windows without actually requiring your virtual machine to have Windows installed, but unfortunately PPStream isn’t compatible with either the OpenSource Wine or with CodeWeavers “CrossOver” commercial version of Wine.

VirtualBox is also free, and under some circumstances will allow you to run PPS, but there are some bugs when resizing the “Windows XP” screen on your Mac Desktop. If you ONLY run PPS full screen (and never run it as a background window), the VirtualBox is another fast, free way to run PPS on Mac OS X.

Parallels was the first virtualization package available for Mac OS X, but I’ve found VMware to be more stable and less frustrating over the long term, so I highly recommend VMware. There VMware vs Parallels wikipedia page seems to be run by the Parallels marketing department, but LowEndMac has an extensive VMWare vs Parallels article. VMWare Fusion works perfectly running PPStream, regardless of Single Window Mode, Full Screen Mode, Unity Mode, regardless if you are constantly resizing, or if you just use one screen size.

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