AdAge: Why Google wants out of China

My buddy Kevin Erwin put article together back in March. Interesting read.

Companies like General Motors have invested heavily to gain a foothold in China and only recently started to see profits. China now has plans to increase domestic vehicle market share. The road to Chinese revenue is paved with lots of dollars spent in vain as government restrictions and favoring domestic goods and services increase.

I remember an O’Reilly Media un-conference I attended in Beijing a few years back. One of the more memorable quotes from an audience member left me with a profound impression of business in China. He noted that western companies coming to China should take note their patents are meaningless.

It’s hard to get your hands on good research anywhere, but in China it’s a downright challenge. Cash is still king in China. Internet purchases have ramped up slowly. People have less disposable income so the dominant portion of purchases occurs for household items.

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