Notational Velocity – It’s Back

I’ve used a lot of “Note” apps over the years, but “Notational Velocity” is by far my favorite. It loads into memory instantly, and it operates without the mouse.

Personally, I used it for years to store account numbers, unix commands, and anything else that I need to LOOK UP QUICKLY, but didn’t feel comfortable posting online.

Think of NV as a compliment to Evernote, where Evernote is the 400-lbs Gorilla that can do everything, but does it slowly and sucks up a lot of memory in the process. For your “Permanent Archive”, Evernote rocks, but for fast note lookup, you’re better off with NV.

Perhaps best yet, NV now supports key features such as:

  • Multi-Computer Synchronization (via RTF files and Dropbox)
  • Rich Text Formatting (bold, italic, underline)
  • Open Source Code via GitHub

Screen shot 2009-12-21 at 下午07.04.26.png

Notational Velocity (

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