What should I do next? Just ask my future self via email

Sometimes we are not 100% sure what exactly we are supposed to do next. Maybe we’re thinking about who to date or who to marry. Maybe we’re thinking about our career or our business. Maybe we’re thinking about our friends or our family. Maybe we’re thinking about education or investment options.

There is nobody that knows YOU better than YOU know you. So based on that premise, there’s a site called “FutureMe.org” that allows you to create an email and send it to yourself at some date in the future.


So the next time you’re not sure what exactly to do. Just relax. No rush. Write down all of the pros and the cons about your decision. Or thoroughly describe the situation, including the assumptions you’ve made and describe what it is you need to know next, or what you’re unclear about.

Give yourself 1 month. 3 months. Or even a year. Then press send and breath a sigh of relief. You’ve started to analyze the process. You’ve documented it. Simply persist and greater happiness will follow.

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