The future of US/China Relations

This was taken from a comment (not the original article) on seekingalpha, but I think that it is 100% on.

They [CHINA] cannot transition to a consumption driven economy any more easily than we [USA] can transition to an investment and export driven economy; there will be painful adjustments. Current tensions identified by the author are symptoms of these underlying stresses and China’s determination to be something more than a source of low cost labor to the western world and evolve into a super power in its own right.

What distinguishes the two countries is that China has an idea as to what direction it wants to move towards; the US bogged down in deleterious debates as to how to share an ever shrinking economic pie. China will eventually eclipse the economic power of the US, it’s only a matter of timing. Along the way, there will be natural frictions as China and the US rebalance their relationship.

[From Will Chimerica’s Demise Take Down Global Economy? — Seeking Alpha]

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