From Hua Tuo to the Hulu Brothers



  • 华佗[華-] Huà Tuó (?-220) n. 〈Ch. med.〉 a famous physician
  • 穿山甲 chuānshānjiǎ n. ①〈zoo.〉 pangolin M:²zhī ②〈med.〉 pangolin scales
  • 葫芦[-蘆] ¹húlu* n. ①bottle gourd; calabash ②〈trad.〉 sign of Chinese pharmacists/healers | Bù zhīdào tā ∼ lǐ mài de shì shénme yào. I don’t know what he has got up his sleeve. ③symbol of certain Daoist sages
  • 药囊[藥-] yàonáng n. medicine bag M:ge/²zhī
  • 药草[藥-] yàocǎo* n. medicinal herbs

In Ancient China there was a medicine doctor named “Hua Tuo“. He always carried a calabash filled with medicine bags and medicinal herbs.In modern Chinese culture, there is a animated cartoon called the “Calabash Brothers“, and one of the characters inside of the cartoon is a Pangolin. Calabash Brothers (or Hulu Brothers) was one of the most popular Chinese cartoons of the 80’s and a “Hulu Brothers Movie” was released last year.