PPStream on Mac OS X (PPS 网络电视)

UPDATE PPS releases official Mac version.

PPS recently released the first official Mac OS X version of PPStream. Mac OS X “.pkg” or “.dmg” installer packages are available. It’s probably easiest to just grab the installer here pps.dmg. Or you can directly visit the new PPS for Mac download page to view all available options.

Note that PPS is also available for iPad, iPhone, Android and Linux!!!

Way to go PPS team.

For reference, I’ve included the origional PPS vmware instructions below, but they are now obsolete.

Our last Mac OS X problem is the “U盾” for online banking “网上银行”. Even QQ works quite well on Mac OS X these days.

ppstream.png One of the most popular applications in China is the domestically developed “PP stream”. It’s closest analog in the west might be Joost or the iTunes Music Store. The key difference is that everything is free.

You’ve heard the legends of the China DVD market – where everything every published is available for $1 USD. With PP stream, the Chinese DVD market has come to you and all the DVDs are now free.

Currently PPsteam is only available for the Chinese version of Windows, but you can use PPStream with VMware Fusion. Ideally you should install the Chinese version of Windows. If you only have the Int’l-English version of Windows, you’ll need to first install the Chinese Language pack. Additionally, you’ll need to under the Int’l-English version of Windows, the codepage will be incorrect and many parts of the interface will be rendered/decoded incorrectly (乱码). The codepage should be 936. Using the Control Panel / Regional and Language Options / Advanced tab set the Language for non-Unicode programs to: Chinese (PRC).

The format of the media files played by PPStream is readable by VLC, so there should be some way to access the files directly without the PPStream client, but current versions have hidden the URLs holding the media files.


The new version of PPstream actually continuously splits the signal across several connections. Watching my Network Filter while playing video you can see the network connection is constantly jumping between servers. Accessing the media files via some reverse engineering may be very difficult. On the bright side, the client works perfectly under VMware fusion.

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