Synchronicity. Nirvana.

We’ve got Plaxo to keep our contacts and calendars synced up
We’ve got Dropbox to keep our important documents synced up
We’ve got IMAP servers to keep our email synchronized across many devices
We’ve got Google Reader and Reader Notifier to keep our RSS feeds synchronized across many devices
We’ve got MobileMe to keep our Preferences and Dock Items in sync
We’ve got Evernote to keep notes, website clips and other scraps of information sync’d up
We’ve got 1Password to keep all of our passwords, credit cards and licensed synced
We’ve got Teleport to keep our mouse, keyboard and clipboard in sync while we’re working
And we’ve now got and DeliciousSafari to keep our bookmarks in sync


The only places that I’m not in sync now are: Things for my Task Management, true Video Chat and Skype support inside Adium and some unified, synchronized storage format for all of the logs from the Skype integrated version of Adium.
[From DeliciousSafari]

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