Chinese boats harassed U.S. ship, officials say –

China has started to claim waters in the Yellow Sea as part of China’s Economic Zone. Apparently, to assert control over this area, China is either encouraging or permitting civilian vessels – fishing ships to harass US ships in this area.

The USN will have to begin sending armed escorts along with these civilian ships to discourage the harassment.

Question: How does the USA deal with Russia in Int’l waters equal distance from Russia’s coast line and how does Russia respond?

My suspicion is that the USN doesn’t need to be so close to Chinese waters, and that there are some diplomatic issues that the two countries need to discuss candidly and come to a mutually beneficial understanding. Heck, wouldn’t the USA save money by letting China be responsible for patrols in this region? Or, let Japan be responsible…

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Two Chinese fishing vessels came “dangerously close” to a U.S. military ship in the Yellow Sea off the coast of China last week — the fifth such incident in the past few months, two U.S. officials told CNN Tuesday.

The USNS Victorious is an unarmed ocean surveillance ship operated by a civilian crew.

After the Impeccable incidents, the U.S. Navy provided armed warships to escort some USNS ships in the region, but as one of the officials said, “it’s international waters, we should not have to do that.”

The Chinese claim much of those waters as an economic zone over which they have sole authority.

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