Coolest Application of the Day


If you’ve got a Mac that includes a Multi-touch Touchpad, you must download the free “Multi Clutch” utility to really make your trackpad work the way you always wish it did 😉

Globally, I assigned “Swipe Up” and “Swipe Down” to Exposé’s Show All Windows and Show Applications Windows

For Adium, Skype, Safari and iTerm I simply assigned “Swipe Left” and “Swipe Right” to each apps Previous Tab and Next Tab functions.

Additionally, for both Safari and iTerm I made the “Zoom In” and “Zoom Out” gestures equivalent to the keyboard increase/decrease size hot keys – which in Safari also makes the size change happen in a way that’s actually useful (instead of Safari’s default way toooo fast size change).

Combined with the existing touchpad features, this really sets the Mac apart!

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