Sync Madness 同步毛病


I’m still not sure why the “Contact Synchronization Issue” has not been solved in a “Standards Compliant” way. The solutions are so many and so simple. The easiest probably being an IMAP folder named “Contacts” where each “message” in the folder is simply a VCARD file. This approach could easily be supported on any modern mobile phone (not just smart phones), is almost the way Outlook/Exchange stores contacts anyway, and could easily be integrated into any other Contact storage system. Since we’re all familiar with storing (and offline caching) of emails, the exercise should be trivial.

Until the renaissance (文艺复兴) in Online Contact Storage arrives, the slightly confused (Plaxo is a tool vs/ Plaxo is a social network) Plaxo is our best hope. Plaxo syncs contacts and calendars with Mac, Windows and Windows Mobile. Unfortunately, they don’t offer iPhone or Blackberry support yet.


If you’ve got files that you need to share between multiple devices, it seems that SugarSync is the best option at the moment. SugarSync supports both Mac and Windows, and makes your files accessible via: BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile. Last, SugarSync provides an online gateway for access to your files and for easy photo sharing.

Questions: Can I use SugarSync to replace .Mac as my Yojimbo synchronization tool? I assume that .Mac/mobileMe has native understanding of the sqllite format. Just would be nice to have one tool to perform synchronization instead of Plaxo + SugarSync + MobileMe all running at the same time – else your menubar will end up looking like this.

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