Is It NBA or NFL?

Good friend of mine emailed me the following:

much social unrest beginning to brew, tax protests popping up nationwide…the seeds of a possible revolution of sorts in america
seeing lots more stuff like this: “Is it NBA OR NFLjoke about congress.

Unrest and revolution. That’s not a bad thing. It’s apathy that’s unacceptable. Even a representative republic requires the participation of the people if it is to work.

The people of the USA are (of the large nations) the wealthiest, best educated and best governed on the earth. The system is not perfect, but it is the best that is available now.

Longer term, I think the USA will most likely continue to be the highest per capita large nation on the planet — there are a few small nation/states with large supplies of natural resources that can have very high GDP per capita levels, but very difficult to achieve on a large scale.

Foremost problems in the USA are:

  • Debt has been used to finance consumption rather than investing in productive capacity (usa debt vs/ china debt)
  • Unskilled labor wages are too high to be competitive with world markets
    • Basically, an american “non-professional rank and file worker” isn’t fundamentally any more productive than a chinese peasant farmer, but their labor wages are at least 8.5x higher ($300/month vs $2550/month). This discrepancy creates large distortions throughout the rest of the economy. The american gov’t should work to close this gap, both by increasing the prices of 3rd world laborers and letting american blue collar labor be correctly valued.
  • Gov’t is too large a % of the economy
  • Social safety net removes the classical motivation from society – if you produce nothing, you eat nothing

Additionally, consider this. The federal debt of the usa is $10,802,000,000,000. ($10.8T) if this $10.8T would have been invested in automation technology. For comparison, from 1961 – July 1969 (first lunar landing) we invested $23 billion USD (compared to the soviet investment of $10.1B). For only $10B we were able to get men on the moon. if we invested 100x that amount – heck, even 10x that amount, is it possible that complete factory automation (and elimination of high blue collar labor cost) would not be solved? Additionally, the USA would be the largest exporter of such technology thereby helping the current accounts deficit.

The problem was apathy. A little revolution is a good thing. Perhaps the revolution will even be televised

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