Windows Mobile 与逢年过节短信群发 (Group Messaging)

There’s an excellent Windows Mobile program called “Group SMS” allows you to easily send a single SMS to all members of a group (and to conveniently manually remove individuals from the list).

However, each time that I attempt to send an SMS to a large list of recipients, I get a message about being unable to send to more recipients. This message cannot have more than 20 recipients. Please reduce the number of recipients and send again. (see screenshot)


Is this a limit in Windows Mobile or something specific to the Treo Pro?
Do HTC devices like the Touch Pro have this limit too?
Or is this a carrier limit with China Mobile – seems unlikely considering I get so many SMSs?

No idea how to work around this right now, but I’ve sent a message to the creator to Group SMS to see if he can shed any light on the situation… Even a google search for “This message cannot have more than 20 recipients ” turns up ZERO hits for this message.

Information No results found for “This message cannot have more than 20 recipients”.

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