Treo Today Screen – Remove the Wireless Logo

Use a Registry Editor, such as the free PHM Registry Editor, and go to:

Enabled -> 0

Change “Enabled” to 0 (decimal) and restart, perhaps with MSDN’s free soft reboot utility.

If you would like to add the wireless item back to the Today screen, the default settings are:

Name: “Flags” – DWORD: “00000000”
Name: “Options” – DWORD: “00000000”
Name: “DLL” – String value: “netui.dll”
Name: “Order” – DWORD: “00000000”
Name: “Enabled” – DWORD: “00000001”
Name: “Type” – DWORD: “00000004”

In the WM6 “Notes” program, be sure to go into Menu / Options and choose Save to: Storage Card.

Additionally, use the Registry Editor to move “My Documents” to the Storage Card via:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services and create a REG_SV
FileSyncPath -> \Storage\My Documents

Once all of your Documents are on your Storage Card, then just download PPC PIM Backup to safely move all of your SMS’s and Call History to your Storage Card. More info at xda-developers.

Last up, if you’re carrier insists on popping up a message upon network connection, you can disable this popup by disabling the “STK” dll.
dll = <empty> (Originally the value was set to STK_Service.dll)

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