Will to the Rescue… New Mac Apps

It’s been a crazy couple of months, in Taiwan, Los Angeles, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, and a pair of ear drums filled with fluid, no longer able to equalize…

Last weekend my friend Will came for a visit, and recommended some great little Mac stuff while geeking out for a bit. Now the following tools are in use:

These have replace my use of:

  • Mac OS X Menu Bar System Clock
  • World Clock Deluxe
  • Spotlight

And on the LaunchBar front, much has changed since the “old days”. Here are a few very useful tips to get you started.

There are now two separate menus in LaunchBar 5:

(1) When you click (or right click) the selected item, you get a menu that contains actions specific to this particular item. So when you’ve selected a file, it contains actions such as “Rename” or “Move to Trash”. When you’ve selected a song, it contains actions like “Play in Party Shuffle” or “Show in iTunes”. This menu can also opened with Control-Right Arrow.

(2) When you click the gear wheel icon, you get a static menu containing commands that are related to the LaunchBar application itself, such as opening the Preferences, accessing the Help, or selecting new items. This menu is basically a copy of LaunchBar’s main menu bar. Its purpose is to provide access to these main menu commands in cases where the menu bar is not visible (e.g. when running LaunchBar without a Dock icon, which also hides its menu bar).

Also, take a look at LaunchBar’s “Text Clips” feature.

A text document whose filename ends with a special .clip.txt or .clip.rtf filename extension is treated as a Text Clip File. Opening such a file via LaunchBar inserts the file’s contents in the frontmost application.

You can use this feature to quickly insert predefined text blocks in the currently edited document.

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