Windows Mobile: 还缺少两块


There are still two “missing pieces” for Windows Mobile 6.1 that I haven’t found a solution for:

  • Picture Viewer with Zoom & Scroll Support. FREE. The iPhone includes a great media viewer that supports a ton of media types. The iPhone does a good job with pan and zoom, though not a great job since the iPhone does impose a hard limit on image file sizes… You can’t really use the iPhone image viewer to browse maps – unfortunately, the WM61 default image viewer doesn’t seem to support any form of zoom.
    CORRECTION: The Built In “Pictures & Images” viewer actually does have a great “Zoom” feature. Just hit the menu button and choose Zoom to activate it!
  • World Clock. The standard clock application on Palm OS was really great. The iPhone’s is even OK. Both support simultaneous display of 4 timezones. This really seems like a basic thing that should be part of the WM61 core OS. Moreover, I don’t need a bloated “travel buddy” that converts currencies, checks weather, etc, just the time please. MSFT hit the ball out of the park with WM61 stability, with Pocket Outlook and the rest of Office Mobile, and with Windows Live/MSN, but why does the Clock & Alarm application leave so much to be desired? The closest thing I’ve found so far is the $5 Today Clock ME plugin or the popular $15 SPB Time application.

Other Windows Mobile critique while on the topic… WM6+ guys, polish up Windows Media Player Mobile, the Clock, and Image Viewer. Make them look pretty! Pay attention to the details. For example, ever notice the way iTunes/iPod crossfade the last 2-4 seconds of each song with the start of the next? It creates a pleasant listening experience. Make sure the links from your applications to your website go to useful URLs. Media Player supports themes, but where are they on the And fix the home screen – HTC is doing some good stuff. Why not buy them and integrate their guys into your WM UI team?

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