Chinese Medicine and the Lantern Festival

Didn’t have time to update my 博客 (bókè ~ blog) yesterday with all of the 元宵节 Yuánxiāojié festivities going on, but had a chance learn a bit more about Chinese Medicine…

脊骨疗法 jǐgǔliáofǎ Chiropractic
针灸 zhēnjiǔ* n. acupuncture and moxibustion
舒筋 shūjīn v. 〈Ch. med.〉 relax the sinews
筋脉 jīnmài n. 〈Ch. med.〉 passages through which vital energy circulates
原理 yuánlǐ* n. principle; tenet
秘方 mìfāng* n. secret recipe/formula
平坦 píngtǎn (level; even; smooth) vs/ 凹凸 āotū (concave; convex)
石筱山: “石筱山”先生传略石筱山(1904~1964),原名瑞昌,字熙侯。江苏无锡人。年少时,曾就读于神州中医专门学校。后秉承家学,侍诊于父石晓山先生案侧。约于1924年临诊,事伤…

I’ll have to read the Wikipedia Page on Chinese Medicine and compare it to practical application as it exists here in Shanghai…

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