Beating around the bush… 怎么说呢?

Ever wonder how to call someone out when they are being indirect? There are basically two ways… When someone is just indirect, you can say that they are 迂回 yūhuí but if you really want to point out that they’re “beating about the bush” (UK English) then you would say 拐弯抹角 guǎiwānmòjiǎo…


And how to say “call someone out”? Well, this one is extremely difficult to translate. The closest you can get is probably to “tactfully censure someone” or to 委婉指责 wěiwǎnzhǐzé. Of course, “calling someone out” is a rather masculine thing to do. Masculine would be 男性化 (nánxínghuà) or 强悍 (qiánghàn). On the other hand, feminine could be described as 娘儿 (niángr) 娘娘腔 (niángniangqiāng) 脂粉气 (zhīfěnqì).

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