iPhone Heaven: Japanese Support!

Wow! Today’s my lucky day! I managed to tack down instructions for enabling Japanese language input on my iPhone. Choose “Expert” instructions or “Step by Step” instructions. Basically, there’s a file in your home directory called: ~/Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences.plist

Just edit AppleKeyboards key to add “ja” after “en_US”. If you’ve installed the Developer Tools you can do this real easily just your iPhone’s SSH along with Transmit and the Property List Editor. Save that file, reboot your iPhone and enjoy typing in Japanese!


There are some instructions for configuring a Korean keyboard input that I’m pretty excited about, but it replaces the japanese input with the Korean, and I need Japanese every day… Korean just occasionally, so I’ll just be sticking with the Japanese until Korean support is improved. Once the iPod touch is released with korean input, it should be also be available in the iPhone firmware… Stay tuned to the Korean “Apple MacGeek Pro” to know for sure 😉


One thought on “iPhone Heaven: Japanese Support!”

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