WINJA: Erwin. White. Ninja.

Today I got a good call from my good friend Markie… Oddly enough, he’s now fallen for a Korean girl. Been down that road before – good luck brother Mark 😉

Mark used to call me Waysian… a Caucasian (white) Asian. Personally I blame it all on him and his family. I always liked the food that they cooked so much, and enjoyed their family restaurant so much (Another Thai Restaurant) that I just “soaked up” a lot of asian culture. Of the 5 close friends I had from childhood up until I was in my early 20’s, 60% were asian. Never noticed it at the time, but it surely had an impact. Today, don’t even ask… Something like 99% asian…

Today Markie thought of a new one: Winja sort of Erwin, White and Ninja all in one ~ that’s pretty funny, now that I’m learning Japanese 😉


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