Useful Chinese Finance Terms 常用金融单词

Sometimes it’s rather difficult to find certain words in the Chinese <=> English dictionary, or when you do look them up, you’ll often find 10 word choices and not sure which most accurately represents your meaning. For the last 5 or so years, I’ve spent a considerable amount of free time trying to better understand the global economy, current imbalances in supply and demand (opportunities!), politics, the US debt, and global politics.

As you further your own understand of these areas, you might find the following useful. “T-Bills” were the most difficult translation for me to find 😉

  • Interest: 利息
  • Futures: 期货
  • Loan: 贷款
  • Bond: 债券
  • Debt: 债务
  • Credit Rating: 信用度
  • T-Bill: 国库券
  • Mutual Fund: 基金
  • IMF: 国际货币基金组织
  • World Bank: 世界银行 (当然啊)

Also, a parting chinese proverb for your consideration:

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