UPDATED: iPhone Black Screen of Death…

How disappointing… Google can’t seem to find an answer to fix my “iPhone Black Screen of Death“, but at least some guy at C|Net Investor News is seeing the same thing…

So, much to my surprise, starting a couple days ago I noticed what appeared to be a “black screen of death.” Everything stops working. The time bar at top is there, but the rest of the screen is black. No touching. No prodding of the home key. No pressing of the upper right key will get the thing working again.

I guess it’s time to take my iPhone to the friendly neighborhood repair shop for a re-installation of 1.0.2 operating system… Hopefully that doesn’t delete all of my SMS history – and I’ll need to make sure I get iCosta 1.0.4 on there too (中文输入法). Sure would be great if I could upgrade all the way to 1.1.3!

UPDATE… I took my iPhone to the local repair center yesterday and they simply erased the entire operating system in installed a jailbreaked, Chinese Localized version of firmware 1.1.2 and my iPhone is working great. If you get the Black Screen of Death, just reinstall the firmware and you’ll be fine (of course, you’ll loose all notes and SMS’s…) In the last 24+ hours I have not had a single black screen! I love my iPhone!

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