For anybody with a cold who needs cheering up….

As you’re sitting there sick, imagine how hilarious it was when I lost my voice and went to the hospital to check it out. Of course I couldn’t talk so everybody thinks “this dumb foreigner has no clue what’s going on — let’s send him to the foreigner hospital ASAP” – and of course I’m way too chinese to pay 2 times the price for the same service, only spoken in really bad english that I can’t understand anyway… So I used my mobile phone to just type in chinese what I need to tell them – which of course they think a chinese friend sent to me and try to send me away… Finally in chinese I type: “You damn idiot ~ my voice is gone ~ I need to see the doctor!” Of course, I had to repeat this process 12 times at each level of hospital bureaucracy to actually see a Doc.

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