– The New Tagline….

If you’ve been visiting for a while, you probably noticed my tag line:

american business geek trying to be chinese in shanghai

Though I do not have chinese passport (and not in any sort of hurry to get one…), chinese friends have told me that I’m well on the road to being Chinese. I was chatting on MSN with a friend and her sister refused to believe that I was Chinese… So she wanted me to prove it by also typing english faster than my chinese…

However, the much more interesting story is that when I got here, the idea of eating Chicken Feet or Pigs Feet was so repelling, if others or this dish, I could not finish my meal. It was the very definition of disgusting – humans were not meant to eat such food, right? Maybe not. Maybe so. The last time I as out having lunch with a Shanghainese friend, I realized I was not only no longer repulsed, but had to try them for myself. Not bad actually 😉

thoroughly chinafied american business geek in shanghai (now with japanese characteristics)

在上海,很有中国味道的美国来的商业和技术狂 (现在也加上一些日本的特色)

Chinafied isn’t yet in the english dictionary, but I think we’ll find it there some day. It’s the process of something being taken in by China, and then altering the item so much that the original is frequently no longer recognizable. Analogous to something being Americanized or otherwise “localized”, Chinafied is simply being localized, but with Chinese Characteristics.

The Japanese part is sort of just part of being chinese… Japanese are the largest single group of foreign residents in Shanghai (approximately 10x the number of westerns), so using mandarin to study japanese is really just an extension of higher level chinese study – but who knows where the road ends? Only can know where it begins…

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