December 6th


I picked up a nasty case of Acute Laryngitis this weekend. I can just barely whisper. What a pain… Doctor said by Thursday or Friday should be back to normal. In the mean time, just DO NOT TALK. Easier said than done…

Laryngitis is an inflammation of the vocal cords causing speech to become hoarse and/or whisperlike, and often inaudible. CAUSE: excessive use of voice

When I get my regular workaholic routine interrupted, I like to read. Picked up an interesting story called: December 6th, set in Tokyo just before the beginning of World War II.

Main character is a caucasian, son of american missionaries, who traveled frequently a left him to be raised by the nanny in Japan. He’s primarily american in appearance. There’s an interesting line when he’s still a boy and crosses paths with one of the generals who lead Japan in the first Great War… The dialog goes…

It’s one thing to have a woman. It’s another thing to be in love with a woman. To love a weaker person, what does that do for you?

To mix inferior steel in a sword, does that make the sword weaker or stronger?

True love can only exist between equals

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