Reminder: Chinese New Year Start’s Feb 6th…

Just a reminder for anyone not keeping track – Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) will begin on Wednesday, February 6th. This means that we will work non-stop from January 28th until January 5th (no Sat/Sun off for Feb 2 & 3), but then will not return to work until Wednesday the 13th. So that’s actually a total of a 3 day holiday, because the weekend rest of the 2nd and 3rd gets moved to the Spring Festival vacation.

Not sure what I’ll do for the Spring Festival… Any ideas?

Here’s a handy reference chart for anyone that needs it 🙂

In case you prefer english, the dates in order are:

新年:new years 春节:spring festival 清明节:visit the graves of our elders (扫墓) 劳动节:labor day 端午节:dragon boat festival (eat zongzi) 中秋节:mid autum festival (eat moon pies) 国庆节:national day AKA independence day 妇女节: Women’s Day 青年节: Youth Day 儿童节: Children’s Day 建军纪念日: Military Memorial Day

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