Arrogance Creeping In…

Today, I got one of the most flattering compliments that I can remember. I went to the neighborhood Starbucks to meet my Japanese tutor and while waiting for coffee the Barista overhead the Japanese girl and I speaking in our only common language (mandarin).

The the barista looked me in the eyes and said, wow, you’re chinese is so good I’m not even going to try speaking english with you! Your Vanilla Latte is ready sir. And, your friend over there, she’s sounds like she’s japanese. –spoken in Mandarin

A, konichiwa, (japanese hello), (more japanese…) OK, you’re hot chocolate is ready as well.

I get complimented quite a bit on my spoken Chinese, but this is definitely the most flattered that I’ve ever felt. OK, enough boasting now 🙂

One thought on “Arrogance Creeping In…”

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