Leopard address book and LDAP – Mac – Apple

UPDATE: This bug was fixed in the OS X 10.5.1 Software Update. Nice work Apple! I posted a while back about the difficulty of getting Address Book.app with SSL working on Mac OS X 10.4. Now that 10.5 is out in the wild, of course the situation is worse 😉 I’ve tried several times and I just get the infamous:

11/17/07 19:52:49 PM Address Book[3872] [localhost:10389] Binding to server did not complete successfully: ‘-1:Can’t contact LDAP server’

No responses to this issue yet: Leopard address book and LDAP – Mac – Apple:

It works fine if you disable SSL – but seeing as how the only authentication method available is “simple” (meaning your password goes over the wire in plain text), I hardly see that as a sane solution. On the bright side of the Apple Address book issue though, it seems that the genius that runs Address Book X LDAP has managed to get all of the various AddressBook.app attributes to packed into an LDAP server!


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