Adium and Skype – Getting to know each other…

If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting a long time for this – Skype and Adium together – in one.

Skype and Adium are still a long way from fully integrated, but if you download the Skype Plugin for Adium, you can take your first steps in that direction. The result, one less window on your desktop! The only downside, is that it still doesn’t support chinese input. You can display chinese messages and the names of Chinese contacts, but if you type anything in chinese into the Adium Skype window, you’ll see yet another example of not-quite-UTF-8 compliant software in action 🙂

I guess my hobby of that Internationalization book is even more in need than I though…

 Images Pidgin Osx-Buddy-List图片 2

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