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You might be aware that 1 in 8 American’s lives in California, yet the rest of the American west is still rather unoccupied. It would be very interesting to hold up this chart and a similar one for China and compare the two. Shanghai is around 3 x the size of New York City, and there are more than 100 cities with over 1,000,000 residents.

According to Google, Manhattan’s population density is 66,940/mi2. In 1910, Manhattan reached a peak population density of 120,250/mi2

My hometown (Downtown Shanghai) has an average population density of 88,140/mi2. Here in City Center (Huangpu District), it’s probably well above 100,000 considering the population here is noticeably higher… On the bright side, move to China and you’ll never be alone 🙂

Where We Live

See the clickable Flash version at TIME’s “Where we Live” article.

Shanghai Population Density Numbers (Chinese only)

Shanghai Population Density FAR outstrips Tokyo, Paris and New York (Chinese Only)


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