CakePHP FAQ: i18n, Deployment, Etc.

Yet more Geeking out today… My apologies, but it looks like the next month is going to have all sorts of geeked out PHP, MySQL, and payment gateway related fun.

#1576 (CakePHP FAQ) – CakePHP : The Rapid Development Framework for PHP

If you’re a web developer, you’ve probably heard of “Ruby on Rails“, a full stack web application framework. PHP is a very mature Web Development language and CakePHP brings many of the Rails feature right into PHP.

I’ve done a tiny bit of CakePHP development, including some building on top of Cheesecake (CakePHP Blog) and Bakesale (CakePHP Ecommerce Catalog).

Unfortunately, there are still a few questions that I’ve still been struggling to find answers for. I’ve tried the #cakephp IRC channel and follow the Cake PHP google group, but nothing yet. Today, I’ve finally posted these questions to the CakePHP FAQ in hopes that somebody will write the answers.

Q: How can I make a Multilingual (i18n/l10n) website with CakePHP? A:

Q: What is the preferred way to share templates between multiple CakePHP and non-Cake PHP Projects? A: The CakePHP team does this on the website right now. We use ??? to share our templates between CakePHP projects, our Trac system, etc.

Q: How should I manage the deployment of CakePHP Database schema and data from Development to Testing to Live systems? A: This is a complex problem because web application database schemas typically consist of: Application Settings / Configuration Oriented Data managed by Developers/SysAdmins Business Data such as calendars, products catalogs, etc maintained by system operators End user application including Comments, transactions, subscriptions, etc Properly migrating both schema changes, application/setting changes, and business data changes each require a separate mechanism. The CakePHP collective recommends…

Q: How does CakePHP handle caching? A: PHP is a template language, so Smarty and Smarty’s caching system are not required. Instead CakePHP…

Q: Where can I find CakePHP experts in my town/region/country? A:

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