MIME Madness… Why no “Email XML”?

Sorry – more geeking out…

Why don’t PHP or even Perl have solid MIME processing libraries? MIME has been around for ages! Have we given up on decoding it? Why is something theoretically simple like adding an HTML block to the last visible portion (not attachment) of a MIME message so difficult? If only UTF-8 were developed a decade ago…

Sadly enough, the best package still seems to be MIME::Util from 199X… Even though reprocessing mail messages seems useful, it looks like everyone has given up on email.

On another note, wouldn’t it be nice if we had an XML standard for email? In addition to the obvious body, we could provide:

– In Reference To = “GUID from some other system” – Reply-Quote references=”other message” – Signature (so that your own sig can be stripped out of replies) – Disclaimer (for your legal requirements)

These are each specific content types that should be treated separately.

PGP keys could also be propagated more easily.

The other big improvement I would love to see in email: XHTML Forms.


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