An Online Ordering Revolution!

Just a moment ago, I placed the first real time online order of my life. Amazing. Process. Partially because the phone system in Shanghai is absolutely horrible, Shanghai Sherpas (delivery service) offers ordering via MSN Messenger. You just add to your buddy list and then IM the sherpa when you’re ready to order. You can order in english or chinese!

Picture 2

I am impressed. Give it a shot. It is revolutionary… Once your order is confirmed, the receipt will be transmitted via MSN and automatically pop up on your screen. Wagas-Msn-Order0

Oh, if you’re wondering how to link to MSN messenger from HTML, you can try this part of the MSN Messenger FAQ:

1. msnim:add – Allow your visitors to add you to their MSN contacts immediately. Example: <a href=”msnim:add? “>Add me to your MSN Messenger contact list</a> 2. msnim:chat – Clicking this link will open a conversation with and allows instant chatting. Example: <a href=”msnim:chat? “>Click here to chat</a> 3. msnim:voice – Allow your visitors to start Voice chatting with you in just one click. Example: <a href=”msnim:voice? “>Start a Voice chat with me</a> 4. msnim:video – Launches a Video conversation straight from a web page. Example: <a href=”msnim:video? “>Start a Video chat with me</a>.

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