Tying together Skype and Quicksilver

Skype tricks (with Quicksilver):

While there isn’t yet a Skype plugin for QuickSilver, as long as Skype is installed and you’ve enabled the “Services Menu Plugin“, you shouldn’t need to worry about it. There is a new Skype Plugin under development that will make automatically transferring several files a breeze, but until the plugin is stable the Skype Service menu is a great substitute.

Quicksilver and Skype play well together too. Youve got to activate the Services Menu Module in the Plug-Ins section. Once thats done, you should have access to three new options: Skype/Call, Skype/Add Contact and Skype/Send message. Now you can invoke QS, hit the period sign to get into text entry mode, enter your phone number as noted above, tab over to the next pane and type call. You should see the Skype/Call option pop up. Hit enter and youre dialing… Works even if Skype isnt openitll open and dial when its ready (assuuming youve got it set to auto-login with your username/password). Nice!

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