Change Hardcoded Treo Favorites Buttons…

Does your Treo have hardcoded buttons for Web Browser, Voice Mail, Real Player, Versamail and a few other Treo applications that you never use? It’s a bit cumbersome, but you can get it done. Go to FileZ, the best Palm OS File-manager and it happens to be freeware. Once you have FileZ open, go to “Internal”, then select “PhoneFavorites2“, then choose “Edit”. Inside Edit, you can simply select each record and delete it to clear out your favorites. If you just want to remove the hard coded favorites, just choose “View” to confirm you’re editing the correct one, then choose delete. Enjoy your improved Treo.

Next to change our Treo wallpaper, find out why “Radio Control” is no longer turning our phone on after soft reset, why isn’t quickTake working, and figure out how to launch Pen Power automatically after reset. Probably time to do a clean install of out Treo.

I’ll also write about disabling all SMS notifications on your Treo 🙂

Really stupid question: change “favorite” buttons?

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